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Notes And Requirements


Dear prospective clients,

Kindly take note of the following  before your signing up for creation of your business website with us as follows:

1) Upon meeting up and consultation, we would advise you of your buyer research keyword for your business and the volume of people searching for such keyword per month.

2) After our free consultation, you are to advise us which service package that you would like us to do up for you. Thereafter, a service agreement will be prepared for both parties to agree and sign off. Upon signing the agreement, you are to pay 50% as deposit for our work to commence on building your website.

3) You are required to provide article content for your website as it is in your area of speciality. As Google search engine likes content-filled websites, we would encourage that your article for your home page to be at least 300 to 500 words as well as other section pages. However, we would advise you on how to include you business keywords in your article content for SEO purpose.

4) Upon completion of your package deal, you are to pay the remaining 50%. Failure to do so will result in your website being suspended.

5) In between the development of your website, email correspondences will be sent to you on some queries (if any) or confirmation of website header image, you are required to reply soonest possible to prevent delay or expedition of your website.

6) All other details and conditions will be discussed and stipulated in our agreement form with you.




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